Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Java MIDP Emulator

Yesss....! Another useful tool had been found... :-P

I got this tool for so long, but it just sitting there beautifully around one of the corner of my Hard-Drive, 'Til one day I lost my cellphone to the malfunction :( and I wanted to play this Java Game so badly, after browsing through got this one back.

It called KEmulator -you may already heard this r8?- anw, it help me back to the fun I longing for.

So here are some screen-shots of applications and how it may run:

As you noticed there's a mobile facebook page, it opened by running Opera Mini 5 browser on this emulator. It also emulates the mouse cursor, and iPhone's looks-and-feels such as it's virtual keyboard and touchscreen.

And here's some of my Games ;-)

Oh...almost also emulates the sound and you can also define the screen resolutions freely -whether it 176x220 (for most of Sony Erricsson), 176x208 (for Nokia), 240x320, 320x240 (like Nokia E71), or choose one of the options available- to match your application's demand.

Ok here come the part you've been waiting for. The Link...!
Go on and have a grab of it. And just to remind you, the RAR file size is 12.52 M.. If you got it more or less, then there's something wrong with the downloading process.

Have fun...


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